Oshi no Ko wallpapers

Oshi no Ko "My Favorite Idol" or "Their Idol's Children") is a Japanese manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. An anime television series adaptation, produced by Doga Kobo, aired its first 11-episode season from April to June 2023. Stories about Ai Hoshiro, a popular and charismatic idol singer. Ai lived in the countryside without her father, missing from birth, and her mother, who was arrested. She grew up in an orphanage and at age 12, she was scouted by the president of Strawberry Productions, Ichigo Saitou, to become an idol. Ai did not believe she could become an idol due to not knowing love. Ichigo explains that she can lie and pretend to show love to her fans. She eventually becomes the face of the idol group, B-Komachi. At age 16, Ai was pregnant with twins. She decided to keep them and hid the fact from the world to experience a family and puts her idol activities on hiatus. After the birth of twins, Aquamarine and Ruby, she returned to her idol activities. At age 20, she was murdered by a deranged fan after tracking her down in a new apartment. In the last moments of her life, she realizes that she really loved her children, and wished to be a bigger part of Aqua's and Ruby's life, finally being able to feel what it was like to truly love. Her death had become a pivotal moment that led her son, Aqua, to pursue his acting career with the intention to seek revenge. Her name in Japanese order can translate to "starry eye", in reference to the six-pronged stars in her and her children's eyes. Download free more anime wallpapers: anime-girl-wallpaper, cute-anime-wallpaper